Thursday, May 20, 2010

It only took until 7th grade...

As I walked into school the other morning, I ran into a student who I had last year.  This student was quite the challenge and we had our ups and downs, but he's a great kid and we really came to understand each other.  I asked how math was going, since I know 7th grade math can be a challenge, and he said it was going ok...that he goes in for help a lot.  Then he said something that really fired me up...he's been reading...a lot!  Last year I BATTLED with this gentleman to read.  I mean BATTLED...nothing interested him, books were dumb, reading was boring...

In 7th grade, the students study the Holocaust and WWII in Social Studies.  This topic really interested this student and now he cannot stop reading about it. 

It's just a shame that it took until his 7th grade year for this student to find a topic that interests him so much that he can't stop reading about it.   

How can we reach these students earlier?

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