Thursday, August 26, 2010

Classroom Bloggers

I gave my sixth graders a username and password for access to my classroom blog. 

I now have two student "jobs" each day.  One student is the blogger of the day and the other the photographer of the day. 

I gave them 2 guidelines:
1-Take no photos of students' faces.  I don't want to have to deal with permission for that yet.
2- Write something acceptable for your parents to read.  This makes sense because all of their parents get an email of blog posts delivered to them daily via FeedBurner

So far, it has been good!  The 3 bloggers of the day have come at the end of the day with something to write about.  The 2 photographers of the day have had a picture ready to share and a caption to add.  It's been fun to see the photographers (and their friends) ponder what to take a picture of.  We have even received a couple comments, one of which we have drafted a class response to. 

Why am I doing this?  Doesn't it take up extra time?
Sure it does!  My goal is to teach my students through experience how to appropriately communicate online.  Our class blog is a purposeful place for them to do this.

Check out what they are doing on our classroom blog!

Are you doing this in your classroom?  If not, why?  If yes, what suggestions do you have for how I could make this more purposeful?


  1. Thanks for sharing what you're doing in the classroom. It is great to see what another 6th grade teacher is doing with their students.

    I have toyed around with the idea of a photographer and blogger job. I haven't implemented it yet but your post was a great encouragement.

    We do have a class blog where the students share what they have been writing. My students posted their first blog posts today. It was great to see the room buzzing with excitement about writing.

    Thanks again for sharing! I will add your blog to my Google Reader and stay up to date with what you're doing in your classroom.

    Mr. Ferrell

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  2. Jonathan!
    It's great to connect with another classroom! I can't wait to check out your blog and have my students check out your students' work! Go for the blogger/photo of the day! The kids seem to enjoy it!

  3. Very cool. If you ever want to do a swap where my eighth graders comment on your class blog (once there's some student work) and vice versa, let me know.

  4. Thanks, John. Hopefully within the next few weeks we'll have some student content up on the kids' blogs. I'd love to trade comments!