Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Blog?

Below is from the mouths of my students when thinking about their blogs today.  We will start writing on them this week.
Why blog? What should we use it for?
  • Share our writing
  • Get constructive criticism - improve your writing
  • Share writing with relatives
  • Comment on other people’s writing - improves their writing
  • Turning in assignments - easier for Mrs. Goerend (less paper)
  • Share your free writing - get feedback
  • Share pictures about what we’re doing
    • Get people’s opinion on something for a project.
  • Ask readers for feedback
  • Get ideas for specific parts of your writing (introduction, conclusion, etc.)


  1. Becky,

    My name is Sarah Pierce and I am in Mr. Strange’s edm310 class. I thought your answer to your students question about “why blog” was very informative. I agree that writing and commenting on others’ blogs improves your own writing. I don’t think people want their writing to look bad on posts so they usually try to do their best. I also think getting feedback from peers is very helpful in the writing process. I also agree that blogging cuts down on the use of paper and is better for the environment. I’m sure these comments helped your students realized what a blog can be used for. Hopefully it’s going well!

  2. @Sarah
    Thank you so much for the comment! My students just posted their first blog post as individuals and were blown away by comments they got from a world-wide audience!

  3. Hi, Ms. Goerend!

    My name is Amanda Brewton, and I'm a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. We have a class blog at EDM 310 Online, and I have my own class blog, as well, at Amanda Brewton's EDM 310 Blog. You're welcome to visit them any time!

    I think it's great, first of all, that you encouraged your students to think about the importance and advantages of blogging. I agree that peer editing and commenting on others' blogs is an excellent way to improve one's writing. In high school, most of our editing was peer editing. My 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English teachers always set aside time for the students to grade each others' papers. The feedback I received during these sessions was very helpful.

    And, of course, sharing is such an important part of furthering one's education. If you find out something that is really interesting and neat to you, why not share it with a friend!

  4. @Amanda
    Thanks for your comment! I wish you could have been in the room when the students read their first comments on their posts from people outside out classroom. They were blown away that people would care to read their writing!