Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update: If you give kids a meaningful project...

The AVerMedia project was a success, and we don't even know if we are in the competition for the company prize!  The students learned so much about the products!  I tried to get the AVerPens set up to film our commercial and was struggling with it, but many kids stepped up and helped solve the problem.  Everyone participated in filming the commercial even if they weren't given permission by their parents to be IN the film.  Those students were the videographers.  We got all the filming completed for the video in just a few hours and the rest of the students were quiet and attentive while others were filming. 

I'm so proud of them and how they well they did with this project.  They worked amazingly in their small groups because they had a direct purpose - learn about the product and then create a short clip on a problem it solves. 

Below is the final commercial.  You'll see 5 small problem/solution segments.  Each segment was put together by one of the 5 teams.  Our commercial had to be 2 minutes or less, so it's quick, but I was able to get it edited together to be 1:58!  Enjoy!


  1. What a great project! They looked like they had fun making the commercial. :-) When do you find out if you're up for the prize?

  2. I'm not sure, Michelle. The kids are wondering, too. I told them not to expect anything until mid December.

  3. Hey!
    I must say that is so cool. The commercial was true also chalkboards and dry erase boards are boring now. I mean it's always a rush to get in front of people with the possibility of getting it wrong, but you could at least make it fun with a cool gadget. Great job on the commercial. Good Luck!!!