Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Students appreciate the opportunity to be able to choose.  Currently, my students are sharing their poetry projects.  They had to research a type of poetry of their choice, find examples, write their own, and present it to the class in a creative way.  I've been so excited to see what they have come up with.  I've had a variety of presentation types: glogs, a blog, prezis, poems on our blog, books, slide presentations, and just students coming up and talking. 

What sort of choices are you giving to your students?  How can you make your content more open-ended for them?

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  1. I can remember that when I was in school, I was always more interested in doing an assignment if the topic of choice was chosen by ME. I feel as if the students can choose, they are more willing to do their work. Being assigned a topic that I may not have been interested in made me dread the work.
    I found that doing poetry was always a way to express yourself and also your feelings. Some students may be nervous to present their projects, but if it is their own who cares if they mess up, no one knows! Being creative is what classrooms should be about. Let the students minds wander:)