Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Homework Meme #morehomework

My wonderful brother invited me to share some things about myself with you.  Enjoy!

First, 11 things you may not know about me.

1. While applying to college, I had two very different paths in mind. 1) Go to Iowa State and major in Marketing. 2) Go to Wartburg and major in elementary education. Because of financial aid, I chose #2, and my life would never be the same because of that choice.

2. I never want to own a dog.

3. I have a small Etsy shop. Though if you've been reading my tweets lately, you'll notice I've been a little more vocal about it.

4. I document what I wear. I wouldn't say I'm a fashion blogger, but I enjoy looking nice.

5. My first job was at a restaurant called The Garden of Eatin' complete with Adam and Eve on the pizza boxes.

6. I worked running a parts washer machine at a metal factory the summer after my freshman year of college. Just call me Rosie the Rivieter.

7. When I was in college, my brother and I co-hosted a show, "Townsley Time," on the campus radio station.  Russ and his buddies were about our only dedicated listeners as we reported on the cafeteria menu and other random things. I did not know him at the time. We met over a year later.

8. I've never been out of the country.

9. We don't do Santa at our house, and I think Elf on a Shelf looks creepy, but I don't voice my opinions about it much.

10. I clip coupons and have had a manager's approval on some of my purchases because of the amount of discount.

11. Pumpkin is my favorite scent and taste. Second is peppermint.

 Now onto Matt's questions:

1. What book written prior to 1990 has influenced your professional growth as an educator the most?

Not sure I've ready one prior to 1990 that I can recall right now. I thought Teaching with Love and Logic was old, but that's just 1995.

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I wanted to share my thoughts, and I enjoy writing.

3. Which educational author do you disagree with the most?
Any that back up letter grades.

4. What is your favorite fast food joint?
McDonald's for their Frappes and bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit

5. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
Today - I tell my boys all the time.

6.What is most picturesque place you've visited?
Grand Lake Colorado, on the Fourth of July

7. What is your favorite holiday song?
Oh Holy Night

8. What was the last book you read?
Currently reading Allegiant (last in the Divergent trilogy). I'm a junkie for a good dystopian novel.

9. If you could work any job outside of education, what would it be?
I'd own a shop that sells cupcakes and fun accessories.

10. Android or iOS?
iOS - never going back to Android

11. What was the first computer you owned? 
An eMachine desktop that looked something like this. I took bought it for college.

I'm supposed to tag bloggers and make a new list of 11 questions, but I just can't think of 11 bloggers. I'm going to have to end the chain, sorry, but this was fun!!


  1. First I would like to say thank you for commenting on my class blog, I very much appreciate your encouragement and would be thrilled to see a video project with your cat in it when visiting your blog in the future! I have seen chain posts like this one on Facebook, though not on a blog before. I never can think of people to send them to either, but I have always thought about filling one out. However, I am happy that you did this one because it is a fantastic way to learn about my first assigned teacher to comment to. By reading it and exploring your blog, I can see that you are a loving wife and mother as well as an accomplished educator and community member. These are all such things that I aspire to be. From reading this post, I can only imagine how much fun you and your brother had hosting "Townsley Times" in college, and I believe that I can actually say Garden of Eat'n is one of the most unique restaurant names I have come across ( keeping in mind that I hail from Mobile, Alabama), plus Adam and Eve on the boxes really ties the idea together. I love that you do not support letter grades. It is especially at the elementary that children can easily begin to be labeled and compartmentalized. I am especially happy that I caught you on this post because your response to the question about why you blog will inspire me to use my EDM class and blog to help share my own opinions with what I write as well. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get a lot out of your class this semester!

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  3. Hi again Mrs. Becky! Thank you, I have already learned so much in this class and I know there is much more to come. I believe I just have one more comment assigned to your page, but I am happy that I can comment on this post again. This is mainly because of your comment about never wanting to own a dog. :) I know that you already have a cat and that dogs can be a bit more work to take care of, but I can't imagine living without one. I have a huge white husky/ golden retriever mix that causes me all kinds of grief, but he gets along great with the cats and I love him to death! Also, there are dogs of all shapes and sizes, hypoallergenic, and ones needing to be adopted, so there could be that perfect puppy out there for you and your family. Just some friendly food for thought! :) Thank you again for being a part of my EDM experience!

    1. :) No dogs. Ever. We have kids. They're enough work and love. I can totally see how having a dog as a companion before/after having kids is great!

  4. I am a student in Educational Media 510 at the University of South Alabama assigned to post to your latest blog entry his week. It was a nice change of pace to learn about the blogger personally, and I am with you on the dogs! I also read some of your archived blogs and your classroom blog. I live in Mobile, AL and work in the private sector in Pascagoula, MS and have one dog (only to rescue from a bad situation).
    I noticed that you teach Leadership Development and Communications to 6th graders. I don't recall ever having a class like that offered to me as a student, and my 7th grade son has never seen a leadership/communications class either, but these skills are so necessary not only in everyday life, but in the working world as well! I teach adults in an industrial setting and I find myself teaching basic skills of communication and conflict resolution to that, unless they have some college background, have never been formally introduced to these skills. It's amazing to me!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with the world.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Leadership Development is only in its second year of existence in our district. It is SUCH a great class for the students. Lots on goal setting, working in a group, and problem solving. Everybody needs that! Communications has been around for a bit longer, but also a much needed class!

  5. Hello! I am a student in the EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I see that we have a few things in common, especially couponing. My friends call me the " Coupon Lady". What websites do you use to get your coupons?

    1. Love coupons! I get them from the paper, mostly, but Target's mobile, online & cartwheel coupons are amazing!

  6. Hello. My name is Janelle Johnson. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al. I totally agree that your title as a teacher still remains when you are outside of the school. My mother was an elementary music teacher. Everytime we would go into Walmart or a basketball game, we would run into one of her past or present students.

  7. Hello again! When I first started college I was also caught between a couple of majors. At first, I started out as a Physical Therapy major, but I realized that I had always wanted to be a teacher and that that is what I wanted to do. Since changing majors I have been very proud that I did and cannot wait to have my own classroom! I am also reading Allegiant! My cousin read it and told me that I should also read it and I have enjoyed it! I love reading books like the Divergent series!