Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Space Between

I asked my advisory students what their ideal learning environment is. Where do they learn best. Describe it.

I learn best in my room. (It has) a bed and a beanbag to rest and think. Plenty of open space.

I learn best at home in my room. It's quiet. It's me. Alone.

I learn best in a stimulated room where we get to experience what we're learning. (I need) a good teacher and hands-on experience. 

I learn best in a colorful environment. Interacting with things. With friends. Trial and error.

I learn best in a quiet environment. There's a table, pencils, and a stack of paper. A person to teach the concept. It's a quiet room.

I learn best in a quiet room. There's comfy chairs.

I learn best in a dark room, a cozy chair, a quiet area. It's a comfortable spot to learn.

It's quiet, slightly messy, cozy, dark. There's exciting stuff to learn, experiments, fun ideas to learn.

And this is where I'm at.

Where do I go from here?

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